Naked – Bonde Ale

Beer1Now that I have your attention let’s talk beer. I just received a note from WordPress identifying a new follower. He is brewing a Naked Blonde Ale with oats as an interesting add to the grain bill. I do need to brew a lighter and less hoppy beer for the bride so this looks like the recipe, besides, the kitchen floor looks like it needs to be to be mopped again so that is my cue card to make a mess and clean it up for my darling wife. Below is a link to the inspiration and recipe.
Hey guys, don’t get confused like I typically am. Yesterday my wife mentioned going out for lunch and a movie on Valentines Day. It sounded like the perfect solution so I agreed. I have been making some plans, went out and bought her a couple of bags of little Dove chocolates to fit into her pure…we are candy smugglers, for clandestine consumption in the theater. I shifted some of my errands around for the week and brought a hot lunch home for her today, Thursday, the day before our planned rendezvous! Yes, I was making major points! Then the problem……. just a moment ago she mentioned a glitch in my plans….she said, “You are working next week. We can’t go to movie and lunch for Valentine’s Day!”
I quickly replied , before engaging the brain, “Yes that’s right we are going tomorrow!”. All of a sudden it dawned on me…..I thought Valentine’s Day was tomorrow! I blame it on the retailers – they have had the displays out for weeks now. Just begging procrastinators like me to do the right thing and do it on time! I did and I planned a daytime event that could be fun……avoiding the crazy evening crowds! Yes, you da man! Bishop………I am just a full week early! Now….the dilemma. Stay tuned, I will see how I can manage this minor screw up.
Brew some beer and mop the floors – that may help!
Drink Local and Drink Responsibly