Father’s Day –

Father’ Day is less than two weeks off. Still enough time to plan for honoring the “Old Man” with something special! I already feel honored! Kathy and I were graced with our 4 kids back in the house for a visit this past weekend. No boomerangs in this gathering! Ashleigh, coaching soccer at UTEP in El Paso was in town scouting prospects at a tournament in Houston. Lisa lives 6.2 miles away so it was a short jaunt for her. Ben has a couple of weeks off before his last semester at LSU!!!! And Joe, graduated from HS a week ago and will head off to Texas A&M in the fall.

Planning for Father’s Day should include something grilled as well as fatherly beverages to go along with it. One of my recent blogs about Beer Butt chicken was included in this linked post;
Yes, it probably is an ad of some sort but I felt honored to have it included in the 25 blogs naming Top Foods to Fix on Father’s Day! If you dig into my archives their is also a Beer Braised Chicken recipe using Brown Ale!

My Father’s Day Ale will be a bit young to drink on the 16th. I started the batch two weeks later than I should have and I will just have to suffer. My only home brews on hand include the Pumpkin Ale, a Session Ale and my Stout. The Stout is 8 months old and almost ready to walk. Sampled one this weekend and it needs a little more time. I think I should be good!

I will be honest with those of you scratching your heads on what to do for your Father come June 16th. Don’t buy a gift that gets little or no use. The most precious gift at your disposal is time spent with the old guy! Reminisce a little, listen to a story he has told several times over and laugh at his jokes, even if it is old and tired. Best yet, bring a good beer over and share it with him! FYI kids, if you don’t remember – anything with IPA in it will be just fine for me!

One don’t on Father’s Day- don’t ask him to sing any of his old Rugby Songs!!!!! No, no, NO! Bad Daddy!

If you just have to buy something- a way to mount a trolling motor on my kayak would be good!

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



Karbach Brewery and Beer Butt Chickens

Please be advised that I am still enamored with all things beer, ale or homebrewing involved. Work sometimes gets in the way of my Beer Blogging efforts but the desire never wanes. I worked in Lafayette Louisiana two weeks ago and was introduced to an Abita Seasonal. The Abita Spring IPA is outstanding!!!!! My wife and daughter are drinking a very Abita like Raspberry Wheat Ale tonight that was a shared effort with my friend Mike…..he did most of the work and I absconded with 2.5 gallons of a very nice tasting beer. I carried mine home in my 6L Tap-A-Draft mini-kegs. Sorry Mike…I couldn’t wait and charged up the mini-keg and my wife is happy. She says it is smooth and silky on the tongue!

Abita Spring IPA....my vote would be to add it to the full time line-up

Abita Spring IPA….my vote would be to add it to the full time line-up

Ok – back to the title – My wife went to Sam’s Club and brought home a couple aof big fat roasting chickens and a hankering for Beer Butt Chicken. I normally use cheap beer in cans for the effort but decided to go gourmet with the recipe. In the fridge were a few cans of Karbach. I said, “Why not!” I use about a half of a can for each chicken. I pulled a chilled glass out of the freezer poured half of each can into the glass – it was then I realized that I had sinned. See photo below;


Oops – Sympathy for the Lager mixed with Rodeo Clown IPA!

I will have to admit that the two beers blended in the glass sitting on the counter were complimentary. Maybe Karbach could see if a blend may be commercially viable. They blend wines don’t they? It was a busy kitchen day, over on the left is my chunky strawberry jam. Into each can I add my secret rub seasoning….not really secret – I am a simple man so I used garlic salt and a hometown blend from Luigi’s Deli, Oh, by the way, I have tried using the Luigi’s on scrambled eggs for my son the way his Aunt Denise does and I fall short….she must be hiding things from me. I think she still resents that I am the favorite child!

I really like these combination pan and stands for holding the chickens upright. They  also captures the dripping grease preventing massive flare-ups. That can ruin your day and your chicken. We found these at Walmart. A bit of advice….spray the metal parts with lots of oil. it will help with clean-up! Now slip the chickens over the stand and beer can like so.

Dressed and ready to go to the BBQ!

Dressed and ready to go to the BBQ!

I try to keep the grill in the 400 F range as they cook. These big boys took about 75 minutes before the legs and wings had that floppy looseness that indicates they are done. I also removed juices from the catch pan at the bottom using a turkey baster before they over flowed and caused a flare up. The chicken was so moist that it pretty much fell off of the breasts.  The serving photo was not taken….the meat disappeared too quickly for me to get the shot.

On the grill and ready to transform into yummy goodness!

On the grill and ready to transform into yummy goodness!

Now, in answer to my wife’s question after the new beer kit arrived, “Yes Dear, we have room for more beer.” Secretly I hope that I am right. I will document my efforts today! It is a Father’s Day Ale.

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


Bombshell Blonde Beer Butt Bird

Southern Star Brewing has been getting a lot of exposure in my recent blogs….good beer and great people so that is not a bad thing. I used Bombshell Blonde cans for a weekend meal – see photo below.

Bombshell Blonde cans sitting in my beer butt holders.

I could not bear wasting this great beer on the chickens, so I spent a leisurely afternoon enjoying the Blondes – BEERS! – and then split a yellow fizzy water brew between the two cans – added garlic powder, Lawry’s seasoning salt and cumin powder to each can – inserted the cans – and grilled with indirect M/H heat for about 80 minutes.

The results – two very moist, tender and tasty chickens. I had an Alaskan Amber as my bread with the meal and salad for my greens –

The chickens – done, tender, moist and oh so good. One was too tender – darn – and fell apart as I removed it!

I peeked at my Imperial Stout this morning and there is a nice krausen up about two inches inside the fermenter and the air lock is bubbling away. I placed my nose close to the air lock and the aroma is heavenly….Need to check the polling results to see how will I enhance the flavor in the secondary!

The vote so far – 50% coffee and 50% bourbon infused oak – help me out – go to the link for the “Brewing Day” post and express you opinion…it really does matter!