Getting my Groove Back

After a break in brewing and writing I am getting back into the blogging groove and actually the beer making process. Sunday morning I met with fellow brewer Mike and his wife Annette. Mike made a piece offering beer, a lawnmower beer, a lighter alcohol beer with a starting gravity of 1.040 plus and a final around 1.013 or so. Works out to something very close to 4%. Annette can safely consume one beer prior to mowing the lawn for Mike. This not a beer that I would drink a lot of, it is a Raspberry Wheat Ale, but it is one that my wife would enjoy! We split this batch. Mile kegged 2.5 gallons or so and I took the remainder and split it between my 2 – 6 L mini plastic kegs. The sample I tried without the raspberry flavoring added was pretty darned good.

I may be brewing on Sunday, a Father’s Day Ale. A dark Amber Ale that will come in around 6.2% ABV. I may include some specialty grains stored in  the freezer that I may use to add some character to the beer. I will keep y’all posted.

I subscribe to others in the blogging world and find this weekly effort great fun to read. Check it out;

Here is another fun read about our love of beer…..some nice photos too.

Another fun read


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Long Hiatus is Over

I have been absent from my Beer Blogging duties for quite some time now. It is approaching a month that I have been quiet, at least quiet on the blogging side of my activities. If you visit my garden blog( you will see that I have been active over there….strawberries have occupied most of the harvest efforts and then making strawberry jam……

That said,I think I see a strawberry blonde in my future. Tall, absolutely – a long neck, quite possibly, comfortable to hold, yes, intoxicating to the senses…..yes, but in moderation – you should never overdo a good thing….I will definitely have to ask my wife for permission…..How will that go over?

“Hey Hun, can I brew another beer?” I may be testing the boundaries here….I have a case and a half of Imperial Stout aging, a case of Pumpkin Ale – just a one at a time kind of beer, 6 liters of a honey blonde in my mini keg and about two cases of a session ale that is now drinkable and…..Sunday  I am splitting a batch of a Raspberry Wheat Ale with home brewer Mike, “kinda” like an Abita Purple Haze, about 9 L is my share! I think I need to have a party to reduce the inventory before I get an affirmative answer for my efforts!

Young Ryan(over 21) has asked for a lesson in crafting beer. Maybe I can work out a deal and kill two birds with one stone here. Hopefully this will work for all involved. Hope he and his crowd of friends will cotton to a Strawberry Blonde Ale.

Talking about craft beers! Read the article in the attached link. The craft beer wave continues to grow. A quote, a rather long one from the article linked below;

“Craft brewing continues to surge, producing 15% more beer and $1.5 billion more sales.

Craft brewing is clearly outpacing the rest of the beer market, producing 15 percent more beer in 2012 than the year before while the total U.S. beer market grew by only 1 percent, according to the annual report released today by the Brewers Association.

In total, craft brewers produced 13.2 million barrels in 2012, a 1.8 million barrel increase from 2011.

Craft breweries now make up 6.5 percent volume of the total beer market, up from 5.7 percent the year before. And craft beer also makes up 10.2 percent of the total U.S. beer market for a total of $10.2 billion in sales, up from $8.7 billion in 2011 or a 17 percent increase.”

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