Voodoo Ranger

Just love this beer in all of its variations and variations yet to be created. https://www.voodooranger.com/beer/ipa/ If you want to read more follow the link below and learn more about the Voodoo Ranger story. https://www.gearpatrol.com/food/drinks//a37599207/voodoo-ranger/

In a nutshell what is Voodoo Ranger IPA? ……….. Origin: 2017 as Voodoo Ranger IPA and Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA. Since then it has grown to about 20 variations in the theme in the Voodoo Ranger series. You can even buy all things “Voodoo from the Vootique. Official gear of epic beer. https://www.vootique.com/……….. My order is in and it will be epic!

Today is a hot and “sweltery” (New word that I will submit to the “Funkin’ Wagnels” 2023 updated edition) and humid Houston, TX day. Insert smiley face here ……….. yes, an attempt at humor, laughter of course is your choice. I am a beekeeper, so some of my sweat today is related to honey stuff, condensing partial 5 gallon honey buckets into 1/2 gallon jars and cleaning sticky equipment.


To ease the pain of the heat and effort, I made an attempt to rehydrate.I enjoyed a really juicy Voodoo Ranger Juice Force IPA……Gotta say it helped but oh my, starting off with a 9.5% beer for the day may not always be a wise choice. It does bring a smile or as my wife describes it, a goofy grin.

Seriously Juicy and very refreshing……

Had to have another but Voodoo Ranger was no longer on my shelf so I went local…..Galveston Island Brewing……Citra Mellow and yes I was…… great day got a lot down and the shower will feel really good.!

A really nice IPA

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



Glaveston Island Brewing – Growlers

One month ago I was working near Sweeny, Texas and loaded up my kayak to fish East Matagorda Bay. I really wasn’t working on Friday the 1st of May. I drove down early,  a 3:30 AM Kingwood, TX , departure. I wound up launching about midway down the road from the Intercoastal Waterway and east of the Colorado river.

Launched along the western edge of the bay about midway down.

Launched along the western edge of the bay about midway down.

Beautiful day for fishing, no wind, clear skies, yes dear, I did have my hat and sunscreen on, I had  the waters to my self- wonderful!.  I caught a number of small Redfish, no keepers and too many stingrays! It is tough to see on the map but there are narrow channels from the launch site to the bay. I noted a reference point of big yellow house for my return paddle. Didn’t work out so well! I had turned down the brightness on my iPhone so I couldn’t see “caca” on the map. After paddling blindly for about an hour, I made the darkest pocket I could and finally located the brightness button and discovered that I was in the wrong channel….I already knew that but now I could find the right channel. Salt marsh grass doesn’t grow to tall but in a kayak it might as well be a forest.

Loaded up the kayak and headed to the Sweeny worksite, a celebration luncheon was planned and the pork chops were magnificent! I gave my speech, chowed down and took the long way home via Galveston Island. Bet you were wondering if I would get around to talking beer!

Ah, sit on the stool in the taproom and savor some excellent beers. Met a young couple from Phoenix that were house hunting in the Woodlands Area north of Houston. They liked the area but…..while house hunting they got a call and were told to shift house hunting locations. Start looking on the East Coast in, –  Virginia….Wow…The deserved a good Galveston Island beer.

Now the part about growlers. My wife was off helping out with family matters in California so I decided a half gallon of Excelsior IPA was my choice to bring home and enjoy. Growlers can hold up well for 36 hours or so if kept tightly closed. I brought the growler home and promptly forgot about it……Today, June 4th I was cleaning out the second fridge to make more room for beer and pulled out the growler intending to dump it….well past it’s expiration time. I opened the top and some CO2 gas escaped…a good sign. I grabbed  a cold frozen 8 ounce beer glass and poured one. Nice head on the beer ….. Nothing better than good…… yes- slap me Hun, I couldn’t help it. My son Ben was there and he sampled it…”good, but grapefruity” he said. Perfect….that is what I expected from Excelsior! I pulled a pint glass out and poured one for me. The second pint was wonderful with a nice frothy head so as I typed I had number three.

So much for the 36 hour idea…..

Ben's little glass of beer next to the growler.

Ben’s little glass of beer next to the growler. Honey bucket in the background, bottled 20 pints of honey today. About 30 lbs. An Ale using MY honey is in the planning stages.

So…I don’t plan on finishing the growler. I have out a call for help amongst the local IPA crowd.

PS – I am a big ole boy and can crush your hand when I shake it….I couldn’t twist off the cap….Had to break out the cap removing tool! That may explain the freshness after a month!

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly