A New One for my Favorite’s List

i quizzed a new waiter at the same old place, Williston Brewing Company, about anything new, like beer. He recommended a new a offering from Fargo brewing, Stone’s Throw, a Scottish Ale. He took my order and returned empty handed. The keg blew and that was the last one on hand. 

I told him that a hoppy bottled beer would be fine. He suggested Hopslam by Bell’s Brewing Company. Well, I loved it! Hoppy for sure but balanced. I do think I picked up a hint of honey as well as citrusy hops. Hmmmmm 10% ABV makes you want to be careful. This is the newest addition to my favorite’s  list. 

Beautiful color, nice lace and is served my palate well! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA

It is that time of the month, hmmmmm. Let me start over.

My twice per month client, a small independent oil company in North Dakota, has me enjoying a quiet snowfall on these crazy roads up in Williston. The evenings are mine, the day’s belong to the client.

I am back at the Williston Brewing Company this afternoon to  see what is new on their list. They do have an extensive list but due the frequency of my visits I have nearly exhausted my choices.

Today’s choice is a bottle of the Wasatch Ghostrider Ale. It is a nice Pale Ale brewed with a bit of coriander, not as much as a Belgian Wit Bier, but  just enough to be refreshing. Hops are not overwhelming and just enough of a citrus aroma. The label’s recommended food pairing is “squirrel over an open flame”. The PETA folks must have got to the management and squirrel is no longer on the menu. The Spinach Steak Salad is on the menu and does pair nicely with this beer. I really would liked the squirrel!

With the snow drifting down outside, a Utah brewed beer seems to be appropriate. The Ghostrider image on the bottle fits well with the “Wild West” atmosphere in these parts. Boots, jeans and mud are abundant.

Time to bundle up and walk three miles through the snow……. not really but the iPhone map indicated I might have to! The area is growing so fast many of the roads don’t show up. Case in point, I am a guest at a man camp just outside of town. The iPhone map located the address but the end point was a field and Joyce, the voice on my phone, told me to park and walk the rest of the way. Not!

I found a gravel road that brought me to the destination but the map showed me off-roading! Rooms are primitive but at least I have indoor plumbing and don’t have to share the shower!!!! I have television with a decent selection of channels and of course wifi!

More later.

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


Never Fear – I Still Love Beer

Travel. travel and more travel! I had a two week stint in Williston and checked a few more brews off of the great beer list at the Williston Brewing Company.

This last week last I was back home in Houston. I enjoyed a pint or two of my my homebrews. So very good! I also enjoyed a nice surprise at one of our local eateries, Three B’s Grill in Kingwood. It was St. Armold’s Divine Reserve No. 15, a Russian Imperial Stout. Very, very good! If you can find it, buy it! It will age and mellow over time. My home brewed Russian Imperial Stouts get better and better the longer they sit. I have one bottle that is four years old and last one was sampled 6 months ago, it was simply amazing!


Great rich flavor and warms as it goes down.

Drink Local and Drink Local

Le Freak – Belgian Style American IPA

I encountered this interesting San Diego beer by Green Flash, in of all places, Williston North Dakota!

“Le Freak™ is the first-ever hybrid ale of its kind: the convergence of a Belgian-Style Trippel with an American Imperial IPA. Spawned over barstool pontifications between Publican and Brewmaster, this zesty Amarillo dry-hopped, bottle-conditioned marvel entices with fruity Belgian yeast aromatics and a firm, dry finish. Experience a legendary beer phenomenon.” From the Green Flash web page- not my words but pretty durned accurate.

I have to give this beer a thumbs up for an interesting mix of flavors. Actually a bit of an odd marriage, but it works ( kinda like if I had married Elaine Lewis). Erin, at the Williston Brewing Company, suggested that I try this new addition to the draft beer collection. This beer was preceded by a Beaver Creek Redheaded IPA, I have always thought redheads were interesting and this beer did not disappoint! Now, it was a blind recommendation as she had not sampled it. The beer nerd came out in me and a I had to explain what a “freaky” combination this beer represented. The citrusy Amarillo hops link nicely with the fruit flavors of the Belgian Tripple. I would stop at one as I am more of an IPA kind of guy. This is a nice beer to sip in a languorous fashion. Huh? Take your time, “Dammit” and enjoy it! Is that clear enough?

Williston Brewing Company, they don’t brew anything but they do have a good variety of beers and pretty darned good food!

An Imperial Pint of the Green Flash offering.



Drink Local and Drink Responsibly