Never Fear – I Still Love Beer

Travel. travel and more travel! I had a two week stint in Williston and checked a few more brews off of the great beer list at the Williston Brewing Company.

This last week last I was back home in Houston. I enjoyed a pint or two of my my homebrews. So very good! I also enjoyed a nice surprise at one of our local eateries, Three B’s Grill in Kingwood. It was St. Armold’s Divine Reserve No. 15, a Russian Imperial Stout. Very, very good! If you can find it, buy it! It will age and mellow over time. My home brewed Russian Imperial Stouts get better and better the longer they sit. I have one bottle that is four years old and last one was sampled 6 months ago, it was simply amazing!


Great rich flavor and warms as it goes down.

Drink Local and Drink Local


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