A New One for my Favorite’s List

i quizzed a new waiter at the same old place, Williston Brewing Company, about anything new, like beer. He recommended a new a offering from Fargo brewing, Stone’s Throw, a Scottish Ale. He took my order and returned empty handed. The keg blew and that was the last one on hand. 

I told him that a hoppy bottled beer would be fine. He suggested Hopslam by Bell’s Brewing Company. Well, I loved it! Hoppy for sure but balanced. I do think I picked up a hint of honey as well as citrusy hops. Hmmmmm 10% ABV makes you want to be careful. This is the newest addition to my favorite’s  list. 

Beautiful color, nice lace and is served my palate well! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



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