Getting my Groove Back

After a break in brewing and writing I am getting back into the blogging groove and actually the beer making process. Sunday morning I met with fellow brewer Mike and his wife Annette. Mike made a piece offering beer, a lawnmower beer, a lighter alcohol beer with a starting gravity of 1.040 plus and a final around 1.013 or so. Works out to something very close to 4%. Annette can safely consume one beer prior to mowing the lawn for Mike. This not a beer that I would drink a lot of, it is a Raspberry Wheat Ale, but it is one that my wife would enjoy! We split this batch. Mile kegged 2.5 gallons or so and I took the remainder and split it between my 2 – 6 L mini plastic kegs. The sample I tried without the raspberry flavoring added was pretty darned good.

I may be brewing on Sunday, a Father’s Day Ale. A dark Amber Ale that will come in around 6.2% ABV. I may include some specialty grains stored in  the freezer that I may use to add some character to the beer. I will keep y’all posted.

I subscribe to others in the blogging world and find this weekly effort great fun to read. Check it out;

Here is another fun read about our love of beer…..some nice photos too.

Another fun read


Drink Local and Drink Responsibly





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