Father’s Day –

Father’ Day is less than two weeks off. Still enough time to plan for honoring the “Old Man” with something special! I already feel honored! Kathy and I were graced with our 4 kids back in the house for a visit this past weekend. No boomerangs in this gathering! Ashleigh, coaching soccer at UTEP in El Paso was in town scouting prospects at a tournament in Houston. Lisa lives 6.2 miles away so it was a short jaunt for her. Ben has a couple of weeks off before his last semester at LSU!!!! And Joe, graduated from HS a week ago and will head off to Texas A&M in the fall.

Planning for Father’s Day should include something grilled as well as fatherly beverages to go along with it. One of my recent blogs about Beer Butt chicken was included in this linked post;
Yes, it probably is an ad of some sort but I felt honored to have it included in the 25 blogs naming Top Foods to Fix on Father’s Day! If you dig into my archives their is also a Beer Braised Chicken recipe using Brown Ale!

My Father’s Day Ale will be a bit young to drink on the 16th. I started the batch two weeks later than I should have and I will just have to suffer. My only home brews on hand include the Pumpkin Ale, a Session Ale and my Stout. The Stout is 8 months old and almost ready to walk. Sampled one this weekend and it needs a little more time. I think I should be good!

I will be honest with those of you scratching your heads on what to do for your Father come June 16th. Don’t buy a gift that gets little or no use. The most precious gift at your disposal is time spent with the old guy! Reminisce a little, listen to a story he has told several times over and laugh at his jokes, even if it is old and tired. Best yet, bring a good beer over and share it with him! FYI kids, if you don’t remember – anything with IPA in it will be just fine for me!

One don’t on Father’s Day- don’t ask him to sing any of his old Rugby Songs!!!!! No, no, NO! Bad Daddy!

If you just have to buy something- a way to mount a trolling motor on my kayak would be good!

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



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