Not Quite My First Beer

I am very proud of the latest brew. I have been brwing at home since 1993 or so. Took some time off and back at it for a year now. I usually do kit beers but this current beer is a partial grain batch and it is outstanding. I was sitting down for a light lunch and included this beer. I am not too good at the editing bit so the photos show up twice. Click on an image to see it enlarged. The beer looks dark and sort of is, amber ale extract and 40 Deg Crystal malt steeped prior to boiling. Used Fuggles hops and Amarillo hops and it is just perfect on the hopping side.

If you ask I can send the recipe out for those interested.

I have an Imperial Stout sitting right now. Brewed on the 18th of December and sampled this week. Nice but a little sweet. I will try it again in April.

In the fermenter is a Weizenbeer at the request of my daughter’s friend, Lindsay Waterman. She wanted a lesson and we made the beer on Wednesday night of this week. I will give an update when I transfer it to my secondary next week.

My lunch was nice, good cheeses, a harboiled egg and a great beer.

More where this came from.


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