Kegged and Now I have to Wait


Mini kegs - 6L each


The batch of the Belgian Wit has been racked to the 6L plastic keg bottles. I have about three long weeks to wait before I tap the first one. I wound up with about 15 liters of beer….last time I used the little kegs I had a full 18 liters. The bottom of the primary fermenter was pretty deep with sediment so I left some beer behind….it was a tough decision but for the good of mankind I erred on  the clean and clear side of the proposition.

The bottles need to condition for about 9-10 days and then sit at a little cooler temperature… 65 or so for two weeks!!!!. That may be a tough temperature range to find without special equipmen and may be a long wait! Ales are a bit forgiving so I will hope for the best here in the house.

As with every racking effort I had to run some of the beverage across my tongue. It does not appear that the cat dander found this batch, yee-haw! I am not a huge fan of the Belgian Wit……. “Blue Moon”, but this batch tastes very drinkable and I may share a few evenings sipping a cold one with Kathy – this batch really is hers but I know that she will share some with me.

I have been running across more articles in various magazines of all types, food magazines, Mother Earth News and my brewing periodicals, talking about the growing wave of hard cider making. It is a very compatible venture for home brewers and has captured my interest. I am still very interested in making an all grain batch of beer but it may be followed or maybe preceded with a cider effort. The decision will posted here very soon.

Still waiting on the Amarillo Ale. Sampled it last week and it was way too early. I have a bottle cooling in the fridge now for a weekend test. Fingers crossed. The first bottle was a bit flat and the flavor was very ordinary. I will update y’all soon.


Bishop –



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