Double Dose of Stupidity in the Ozarks

We drove from the Lake of the Ozarks to Rolla Missouri for my son’s soccer camp at the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus. Small town, small campus and a very good engineering school. After dropping him off we headed headed toward Licking MO to set up camp at Boiling Springs Resort.

The first act of stupidity was listening to Joyce – my nickname for the GPS voice. I should have listened to the other voice in the passenger seat, yes dear, I should have known! So, an ill advised turn led to a missed turn. Joyce said drive .3 miles then turn, turn and turn – which should have brought us back to the missed turn.
Well, no roads existed where she advised us to turn! In fact, the next three suggestions were also void of even a deer trail. So deeper into the Ozarks we go. The road, no it was really a two-track now with the trees closing in and I think I am beginning to hear banjos! Two miles, now three and I keep hoping now for a loggers truck turn about.
Just as I think the road is ending we go through a gate and there is a house with an area that looks big enough to get this 28′ trailer and truck turned around.
Ok – remember the backing lessons from the previous night Bishop – that is another story- and see if you can get this rig turned around.
I am making good progress and I notice a gentleman standing at the front door watching my maneuvers – no shotgun or banjo, I hope!
As I get it all ready to drive out of his yard I decide to satisfy his curiosity and let him know why I came for such a short visit.
Jim Stanford was his name and he was grinning like the Cheshire Cat as I told the story. He provided great directions and told us to turn the GPS off. It was a useless tool. Besides no roads were shown for 4 miles on the drive back toward pavement. His parting comment – ” You can use my yard anytime you want to turn around!”
I smiled and shook his hand and off we went….thank goodness there weren’t banjo players on his porch!
The second act of stupidity – parking the trailer on a slope, not real steep but steep enough, no wheel chocks and off the supports it rolled. Only a foot or so but enough to bend the trailer tongue jack and three of the four stabilizers!
I need a beer, a really good beer and maybe more! I am so pissed off at myself! No major town anywhere near and I need parts and probably a repair guy! Fingers crossed!
If this is my last post I may be squealing like a pig! I think I have 3 Boulevard Ales in the fridge. That may ease the pain!
TTFN – and maybe for a long, long time!


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