Beer – A Health Food!


Have a Beer With Friends – To Your Health


The paragraph below is pulled from “Men’s Health News” online resource. You now….if you search long enough and hard enough you can find benefits to all sorts of behaviors. I have always considered beer to be the “Bread of Life”! Now we have a body of research to bolster my beer drinking activities. My only question – it says drinking a little more than a pint of beer per day has significant health benefits –  how much is a little more? Two pints, three pints or ????? I am feeling pretty good now(no, I haven’t been drinking)….my love for both coffee and beer are now considered to have significant health benefits. Take a look at the link at the end of the paragraph too. Be optimistic about your beer drinking…

“Red wine may soon have company on the healthy drinks menu. According to a recent review of more than 18 studies on booze, beer is just as good for your heart as vino. Drinking a little more than a pint of beer a day could make you 30 percent less likely than non-drinkers to suffer from stroke, heart attacks, and heart disease, researchers found. Credit heart benefits to the alcohol itself, and polyphenols (antioxidants) in beer. And make sure to drink that beer with a smile—click here to learn The Surprising Heart Benefits of Optimism.”



More from New Mexico

I am getting pretty close to walking in my front door and getting the brewing area sanitized for the next batch of homebrew. I hope to boil tomorrow sometime.

I just left Carlsbad New Mexico  – yes that is in the good ole USA! Thursday night we sampled a meal at a restaurant called the Stock Exchange located in the “Old City Hall” at the corner of Canal and Fox St. Now don’t blink when driving around looking for it …. it is hard to spot. Lets talk beer. I asked our young waitress if they had any local beers and she told us now. After looking at the list I saw a “Marble IPA” – I decide to take a chance that it may have been brewed reasonably nearby. While she was of to grab my pint I searched for Marble Brewery on the iPhone and found that it is brewed in state, up in Albuquerque! I will put that in the category of local – if you have ever been to SE New Mexico, you will know that the distances are vast and local is just way too small. I will include Albuquerque in the category of local.

The Marble IPA was outstanding!!!!! Beer Advocate had a 91 rating in the list. I am not schooled in the art but I do know what my mouth likes and this was top notch! Then I tried the Marble Red….it was good, is there really any bad beer? So many beers and so little time…..I may have to get down to the Flying Saucer this weekend and add some notches to my card….just three at a time. The meal started great…the cucumber gazpacho was refreshing and then the bite of some hot peppers grabs your attention….I liked it but it could overwhelm some. The cooks definition of medium didn’t match mine – medium well was delivered but a steak is a steak – unless of course it goes to well done!

A steak, two roasted green chilis, glazed carrots and a Marble Red….Just it get any better?

Drink beer for whatever Ales you,


New Mexico Beers –

I am spending the week in Carlsbad New Mexico earning a little more beer money for me and my honey. I have been able sample some New Mexico craft beers over the past couple of days. I have been reasonably well satisfied. I have tried the Santa Fe Pale Ale and the Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale. The pale ale was drinkable…..does a beer need to really be any more than that???? -….. The Nut Brown was more than just drinkable – full body, nice lace in the glass and just plain better than good. At the Yellow Brix Restaurant on Canal St. in Carlsbad.

On another night I tried a couple of beers from the Rio Grande Brewing Company – The Rio Grande IPA and the Pancho Verde Chile Cerveza. The IPA was very nice, not an overwhelming nose but a healthy and pleasant dose of bitterness. I have to admit that the Chile Cerveza was a disappointment. Poured from the bottle in a vigorous fashion and I could not produce anything resembling a head on this beer and Chile … must not have infused this bottle…..could have been a one off experience so maybe I should give it another try. At the Trinity Hotel in Carlsbad.

All of this beer talk has made me anxious to get home to brew a batch…… Maybe I can add some of my home grown chili’s and create something unique.

Spent today underground in the Carlsbad Cavern….. My partner and I walked in….lots of downhill and chose to walk out……lots and lots of uphill. Me thinks I need a beer! Cavern image slide show below with a beer theme.

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Flying Saucer – UFO Sighting

This past Saturday night I joined my friends – the Livezey’s & Calvin at the Flying Saucer in downtown Houston before wandering off and attending the Dynamo’s match against Philadelphia. Seems to be a popular hangout before Dynamo games. Lots of orange in the pub!

I have been anxious to try the place out forever, well almost forever! I was favorably impressed! The beer list is huge and varied, the food is perfect for my tastes- the German potato salad took me back to meals in Olsbrucken at Frau Vogel’s many years ago. I signed up for the 200 beer challenge. Playing by the rules, 3 beer max per visit, it will take 67 visits. Now, put that into perspective with a gentleman being honored that evening with his 9th, 200 beer award – that is over 1800 beers, 600 visits and who knows how many trips to the men’s room! Wow! Oh- I also got a T-shirt for my inaugural visit. If I was a little more retired I could catch the Metro bus downtown and start making progress on my 200, no, now 197 beer challenge!

PS – The Dynamo won 2-1!