Flying Saucer – UFO Sighting

This past Saturday night I joined my friends – the Livezey’s & Calvin at the Flying Saucer in downtown Houston before wandering off and attending the Dynamo’s match against Philadelphia. Seems to be a popular hangout before Dynamo games. Lots of orange in the pub!

I have been anxious to try the place out forever, well almost forever! I was favorably impressed! The beer list is huge and varied, the food is perfect for my tastes- the German potato salad took me back to meals in Olsbrucken at Frau Vogel’s many years ago. I signed up for the 200 beer challenge. Playing by the rules, 3 beer max per visit, it will take 67 visits. Now, put that into perspective with a gentleman being honored that evening with his 9th, 200 beer award – that is over 1800 beers, 600 visits and who knows how many trips to the men’s room! Wow! Oh- I also got a T-shirt for my inaugural visit. If I was a little more retired I could catch the Metro bus downtown and start making progress on my 200, no, now 197 beer challenge!

PS – The Dynamo won 2-1!


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