New Mexico Beers –

I am spending the week in Carlsbad New Mexico earning a little more beer money for me and my honey. I have been able sample some New Mexico craft beers over the past couple of days. I have been reasonably well satisfied. I have tried the Santa Fe Pale Ale and the Santa Fe Nut Brown Ale. The pale ale was drinkable…..does a beer need to really be any more than that???? -….. The Nut Brown was more than just drinkable – full body, nice lace in the glass and just plain better than good. At the Yellow Brix Restaurant on Canal St. in Carlsbad.

On another night I tried a couple of beers from the Rio Grande Brewing Company – The Rio Grande IPA and the Pancho Verde Chile Cerveza. The IPA was very nice, not an overwhelming nose but a healthy and pleasant dose of bitterness. I have to admit that the Chile Cerveza was a disappointment. Poured from the bottle in a vigorous fashion and I could not produce anything resembling a head on this beer and Chile … must not have infused this bottle…..could have been a one off experience so maybe I should give it another try. At the Trinity Hotel in Carlsbad.

All of this beer talk has made me anxious to get home to brew a batch…… Maybe I can add some of my home grown chili’s and create something unique.

Spent today underground in the Carlsbad Cavern….. My partner and I walked in….lots of downhill and chose to walk out……lots and lots of uphill. Me thinks I need a beer! Cavern image slide show below with a beer theme.

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