A Bit of Drought Relief

While in Midland this past week I passed on beer drinking pretty much all week. I was being stubborn, a trait rarely seen by those that know me. Thursday night my work partner and I decided to dine at KD’s BBQ in Midland out on the Garden City Highway near I-20. It was one of my favorite lunch spots when I lived in Midland for several reasons – I liked the meat, the building and decorations are a hoot, but most of all, the serving line.

You enter through what feels like the back door to your grandmother’s kitchen. You go up the steps,  open the old wooden screen door and walk up to the row of stove tops. You grab a serving tray, add a sheet of paper and start pointing. I was a bit restrained in my selections. I went for the ribs and brisket. Other offerings include smoked turkey, hot links, regular sausage, jalepeno sausage and pulled pork….see what I mean by restraint. I did add a couple of grilled jalepeno peppers ( in West Texas I think they are called hallapenyas) either way they are tasty and pack a little bite.

I added some coleslaw, sauce and pickles to my tray. All the usual BBQ fixins are available. See my tray and yes it says $21.17…..you pay by the pound! iPhone photo.

Ribs, Brisket, coleslaw, sauce, hot peppers and no it wasn’t sweet tea.

Beer selection was a bit week, I had been craving a good local ale and kept striking out all over town so I just had to settle for unsweetened tea. Then I had a brain…………a brain flash! We took a different route home and tried the Western Beverage package store on Loop 250 and Midkiff. I went in looking for a local beer or at least something brewed in a craft brewery in Texas. I spotted Alamo Golden Ale – the deal was done. I was able to satisfy my need for a good ale to follow up the BBQ.

I dug a little deeper – I also try to find a bit more about the beer, how it  is brewed and any details that the brewer would offer up.  What did I learn? The beer is very nice, great flavor and yes a beautiful golden color. The beer is brewed under contract with Real Brewing Company in Blanco, Texas……it still fits the drink local mantra I try to follow when traveling.  The founder and president for the great beer is pursuing the establishment of a new brewery in San Antonio to expand his offerings.

It seems that a great many hurdles,  not insurmountable but hurdles nonetheless need to be resolved befor the brewery is built in San Antonio…..I just hope that the Golden Ale stays in production and on the shelves.

Alamo Beer Company

Drink Local




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