Quick Beer Update

I just returned from California and peeked at the secondary holding my pumpkin ale. If I can convince my wife I will bottle it tomorrow and clean up the corner of the bedroom set up as my fermenting location. I think she may agree if I make an additional promise or two!

Bakersfield, as you know from my previous posts, has a local brewery that I really enjoy, unfortunately I did not find the time to swing by. At least I avoided Coors and Budweiser products and sampled a few good beers, Firestone, Widmer Brothers, Sam Adams of several varieties and a Pyramid Wheat Beer.

My wife picked me up at the airport and let me have lunch at the Brickhouse….I had a cask beer. Served cool from the cask, hand drawn and flavored by the live yeast. It was a very smooth beer. Need to go back and check out the rest of the offerings!!!!

If I don’t post before Christmas…I want all y’all to have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2002 in Midland Texas....

Christmas 2002 in Midland Texas….


Local local and drink responsibly!



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