Colorado Bound

I am sitting in the Houston airport ready to fly off to Denver, so many good beer opportunities there, then to Vernal Utah -” hey Mr. Romney, know of any good beers in town?” then drive over to Rangely Colorado for a couple of days. My expectations are not real high for good craft beers in Rangely! In fact the best they could do on my last visit 6 years ago was some aged Coors Banquet Beer…,, FYI, it does not age well.

If the layover in Denver is long enough I know that they have Odell’s on tap in the B terminal. I’ll tweet an update if I get lucky….. With the beer!!!!

Remember to drink local and drink responsibly! I guess Coors would be considered local – I hope I can do better than that!



One comment on “Colorado Bound

  1. I’m sure you’ll find something good. Utah has Epic and Colorado has…a lot! I look forward to reading more.

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