Tipping Point – Choices We Make

I have been idle with my beer blog for quite some time. I apologize but I needed to step back and look at what I am trying to accomplish and also ask myself, has my blogging created “a celebration of alcohol” and overindulgence?  If you will, did my words allow someone to hit the “Tipping Point”, taking that step over the edge.

A sobering thought was in the Houston news recently. The article recounted sentencing for a 24 year old woman, driving well beyond the legal limit causing a fatal automobile accident. She had 21 drinks over a 4 hour period of time. She went well beyond the “Tipping Point”. She forever changed the lives of many and will now have 38 years behind bars to consider her fateful choices. How many opportunities were there to make a better choice or have others to step in and intervene on that fateful night a year ago?

I am not casting the first stone – I have been beyond the tipping point and for the most part, I had been “lucky”. Hindsight is so insightful, but for the grace of God, I could have been sitting in this young lady’s cell! I know for a fact that people, people that I love and care deeply for, that have gone beyond the “Tipping Point”! Loved ones that have taken risks that could have changed the lives of innocent people as well as altering their lives forever!

I have personally made bad choices, many of them were when I was a young man, but guess what, I continue to make poor choices with the my personal “Tipping Point”. Thank God those times are much less frequent. I will tell you and the rest of the world that the every time my wife and I have had cross words it was due to my being on the wrong side of the “Tipping Point”!. A handful of recent events with very close family members can all be linked to crossing beyond the “Tipping Point”!

I enjoyed my class reunion this past weekend. I knew full well that the bar would be open and I would drink a few beers. I had toyed with the idea of taking a cab but decided against it. So off I went. My first trip to the bar didn’t go well – depending on perspective. It was crowded, the bar tender ignored me and I was cornered by old classmates that distracted me with stories from nearly 45 years ago. The distractions continued and I had a great time. Somewhere into the third hour my best friend bought me a beer, the crowd was thinning and we were able to attract the bar tender’s attention! This beer turned out to be my only beer of the night….FYI, it really wasn’t a beer, it was a Coors Light!

I had a blast at the reunion. I had intended to drink a few beers but the swirl of old friends, great recollections, varying views of Father Time’s influence on others (not me of course), provided great enjoyment. No beer required. I could have easily had a handful of beers but after a bit it wasn’t the important part of the evening. I did want to dance with one of my classmates, I knew she could be a good swing partner. She had to leave early because she had flirted too hard, not with the guys, but with her “Tipping Point”. It was a bit sad but also a reflection of the evening for too many!

I won’t point fingers because three point back at me with a single one pointed at others. “I will try to not point fingers”! I have been very guilty in the past and I know that I will be confronted with my personal “Tipping Point” choices in the future. I like my beer, especially GOOD beers and the temptation is always one more beer away…Lets all help each other to be smart as we enjoy the journey!

I commit to  helping others by modeling the behaviors to stay on the right side of the Tipping Point. I will not glorify the excesses that I have led me to the “Tipping Point” precipice. I commit to providing the support for those I love, help them avoid poor choices in the future!

Enough for now.




One comment on “Tipping Point – Choices We Make

  1. Gloanah Bruce says:

    love your last blog maturity has come about. xoxooxox mom

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