Golden Wheat Red IPA Update

I just had to share a quick update on the Inspiration Beer at the end of it’s first week in the primary fermenter. The original gravity, the OG, was 1.066. A week later it had dropped to 1.016! I am pleased with the progress. Tomorrow I will rack it over to the secondary and add 1 ounce of the Amarillo hops.

The first taste, that’s right, I couldn’t dump the graduated cylinder full of the beginning’s of a nice beer and let it go to waste, was very nice and not as hoppy as I had expected. I shared a taste with my son’s girlfriend and she found it drinkable. Patience Bishop, patience!

I am wondering if an ounce will be enough??????? Maybe I shouldn’t get too frisky and just stay with the original recipe! Thanks again to the great folks at Lengthwise Brewing in Bakersfield CA!

Drink Local, Drink Responsibly




2 comments on “Golden Wheat Red IPA Update

  1. Since when is ‘getting frisky’ a bad thing! But it sounds like this is progressing nicely. 😉

    • Bishop says:

      Yes I agree, getting frisky is not a bad thing! I just needed to place it in context!!!!! I need to be systematic with my brewing so that I can recreate a good batch! I kinda like being frisky !!!!!! 😉

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