Update on Latest Batch

If you have been following along I recently brewed another Golden Wheat Red IPA – with a twist! More hops!

I transferred the beer from the primary fermenter into the secondary while adding an ounce of Centennial hops – dry hopping the beer. As is my habit, I pull a sample and checked the gravity and yes, the taste. The gravity is close to the expected final gravity, that is a good thing. The taste…..I have to pat myself on the back….if the final product comes close to the sample it will be an outstanding beer!!!!!

I would love to have posted on the day of the transfer but work was calling and I had to head off to Paris for a few days. Rough duty but someone has to do the dirty work. Now the beer sits for 5 days or so at 64 degrees F and then I will crash it to 34 F to clear it up and drop the sediment to the bottom. I will keg 6 Liters into one of my minikegs and bottle the rest. Now the wait….first taste of the beer will be at the end of January for for the Super Bowl.
Enjoy a night shot of the Eiffel tower from my recent trip.

Eiffel Tower lit up with Christmas lights in Paris, Texas

Eiffel Tower lit up with Christmas lights in Paris, Texas


Drink Local and Drink Responsibly

2014 – My focus will be championing the “Drink Responsibly” element of my blog!



One comment on “Update on Latest Batch

  1. Outstanding. May all of your brews be brilliant in 2014! 🙂

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