Happy Thanlsgiving

Thankful for family, great friends and enough abundance to share with others.

Then there is beer. Thankful that Jimmy Carter legalized home brewing. Unfortunately, his time in office was rather unremarkable in his response to world events, i.e., Iran hostage situation and the 1979 Energy Crisis. I voted for him on his promise of truth and transparency and I will give him high marks on that front.

Back to beer, I am thankful for the amazing explosion of craft brewing and so “friggin” many choices! I bottled my Golden Wheat Red III IPA this morning. It tasted pretty darned good. I think version II may still be the best of the three. Once conditioned in 7-10 days I will update y’all. Bottling results, 6 liters in my Tap-a-Draft keg and the remainder in 27 – 12 ounce bottles.


Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


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