Busted Plan – No Problem

Last Saturday my daughter and I planned a rural adventure and if time permitted a swing by a local brewery on the return trip. We had intended to check out Blessington Farms hydroponic strawberries. They are also growing them vertically which is something I am trying. After an 80 minute drive we found the farm and a locked gate. “Google search” and sure enough – rain closure that we didn’t consider. Dang it! 

So, when in Wallis, Texas, do what the locals do, eat Mexican Food at Las Flores Mexican Restaraunt.  After Mexican food Ya gotta have a beer. The change in plans added an extra two hours to our planned short window of time at the No Label Brewing Company. 

No Label Brewing Company is located along the tracks in Old Katy, Texas. The brewery grounds are very laid back. Our first observation was – everyone was packing in their own lawn chairs! We forgot to pack ours. Note to self; when visiting No Label, Karbach or Southern Star breweries pack your chairs, your kids and your games. 

Eight bucks for 4 beers and a small souvenir glass. Second note to self; Bring your own glass. We bought a couple of pint glasses at the gift bar to cover that error. You can pack your own lunch in but there was food available from several vendors. The grassy area under the shady oak trees was a sea of families, dogs, picnic tables  and lawn chairs. 

Live music filled the air as we worked our way through our samplings. Wheat beers are ok in my book but I will give high marks to the El Hefe Wiezen Wheat Beer. The Eleven Amp IPA is very pleasant. The Don Jalepeno Ale is a nice surprise. The heat is not apparent immediately. When it does kick in it is pretty mellow. The Pale Horse and the Ridgeback Ale are also very satisfying! 


I wonder? Will this fit in my garage??? Sure would accelerate my home brewing! 


 A shot of the crowd looking back toward the shady oak trees. 


 In the shade and enjoying the day. 


 I am going to assume that Dr. Seuss is a 30 bbl fermenting vessel. There must be a story here.  

 Spicy Crawfish pairs nicely with the Jalepeno Ale. 


 Enjoying a beer with my daughter Lisa. Great Day! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly




3 comments on “Busted Plan – No Problem

  1. What a nice photo of you and your daughter. A fun day! It looks like you found your people there. 🙂

  2. lorieb says:

    quality time with your daughter; priceless!

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