Pliny the Elder – OMG

Rooney’s Irish Pub in Orcutt! We were following a Central Coast Beer Map and rolled the dice.  We wound up at Rooney’s Irish Pub adjacent to the Shanty Irish Brewing Company.

Several good things transpired!

1. I broke my 4+ day fast with a bowl of soup and a salad. Shanty’s IPA is a very nice beer. Kathy my lovely, long legged and beautiful wife had the The Bride’s Ale, a very nice Kolsch similar to the one my friend Mile brewed for his daughter’s wedding this summer. The brewmaster did the same.

2. I had Belching Beaver’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout- pretty damned yummy. Kathy went local with the Firestone 805. Lincoln White, the bartender and soon to be realestate agent asked what I liked. Simple answer – most forms of IPA was my answer. Then he asked if I had heard of Zpliny the Elder. Hmmmm only the uninformed IPA fans would express ignorance. Last sip I told him was 5 years ago!

3. Moments later he returned with a bottle of this “most awesome dude” IPA, Pliny the Elder! OMFG! What an awesome treat. Then the world gets incredibly small. He is from Manhattan Beach I mentioned. UCLA and waterpolo and his family is friends with long time coach Bob Horn. His wife Dottie is still connected with his family!

I am tapping this message in as I ride shotgun with Kathy, my beautiful wife,  along Highway 101. Blue, blue Pacific Ocean on the right, the Islands early visible and a Pluny the Eldet grin on my face. She drives a little faster than I do but it is an OK trade off. I am a happy beer drinker this evening.

Just so you know that I am not full of S__t! Here is the bottle in Kathy’s hand!

Russian River Brewing Company – what an amazing beer! It is best when shared!

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



3 comments on “Pliny the Elder – OMG

  1. Debra says:

    We just returned from Morro Bay last night, and on the way up and down 101 I mentioned to my husband that I had an interest in visiting Orcutt. I kid you not. But we were traveling with my dad and he couldn’t handle the extra time in the car this time. Our goal is to get back up that way later this fall…and now I know where we will go for a cool one. 🙂

    • Bishop says:

      We may have even side by side without knowing it! I also stopped at the Santa Maria Brewing Company last Thursday. Just across the bridge heading north. Go left on 166…good food too.

  2. Congratulations on getting yourself a bottle. They can be hard to come by.

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