Baywood Ale House – Again

On my irregular visits to visit my mom I always find time to have a pint or two at the Baywood Ale House. This is the off season and I am stopping in on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon. It is so laid back and that suits me well! 16 taps and an obvious absence of the big boys. Sorry, you can’t get a Bud, Coors or Miller beer. Ya gotta love it!

Let me tell you a story about the photo above. Chalk board is pretty obvious, brews available! A new change for me though- last visit they were arranged seriatum by tap position. Now, the are arranged by type.

Overhead are mugs for the locals. I love how they manage the slackards – every Monday a ping pong ball is dropped into the mug. When you visit and order a beer the ball is removed and you are out of jeopardy. If on Monday there are three balls in a mug you lose. There are 350 on the waiting list! Next in line goes up!

The martinis, yes they make martinis too. All are made with an Asian Vodka, “Soju”, not on my list today! Sorry! Music? Just listened to Fly Leaf …….. I like!!food/c1jo3

Yes they have food too along with wine, bottled beer and other stuff”!

If you are cruising north or south on Highway 1 take a diversion to Baywood – Los Osos and indulge! Sure wish my wife was with me, love you Hun! I will be home the day after our after our 33rd.

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



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