A Little Help at Tax Time

i am sorting through my receipts, invoices, travel expenses and miscellaneous stuff. I am raising my hand to vote for a flat tax! I am certain that it would eliminate most of my headaches! The CPAs’ may hate it but oh well- Too durned bad! 

To aid in the process I am sipping on a new beer, at least for me it’s new.  It is a Sierra Nevada “Beer Camp” Hoppy Lager. Mighty fine! Nicely hoppy at 55 IBU! It is 7% ABV so it is a sipping beer. A six pack would probably result in significant errors! I now have another  favorite for my list. Seems as though my favorites list is getting pretty full!’

Read more about Sierra Nevada’s Beer camp here;


I took a bottle for a trip to the beach today- I think we both enjoyed the afternoon.

Santa Barbara Channel in the background.

Nearby is Island Brewing in Carpenteria. I have a growler ready to be filled. My wife likes the Island Blonde! Don’t tell her but I’m also kind of partial to blondes! I like their Island Pale Ale and the Paradise Pale Ale and the Blackbird Porter and the Starry Night Stout. Oh – the Avocado Honey Wheat is very tasty too! On our recent visit we were treated to some live music! It was a nice laid back Friday night in the off season. Just locals and a few semi locals, like me and my bride. 


I think we will also check out Anacapa Brewey in Ventura on Thursday. I am looking forward to their Pierpoint IPA. 


So many beers and maybe only another 20 + years to work my way through the world’s remaining beers! 

Note: I had my phone battery die down on the beach as I was typing the post.  Apparently the draft was posted! Hopefully I pulled it before it was out there too long! At 64 years young, I am still working my way through new technology challenges! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly