Whole Foods Market – Brewery

My wife did make me walk through the store, just a wee bit, other than that I spent my time sampling beers in the Brewer. For those of you that don’t know, Whole Foods brews something new every time, no repeats. If you really like a beer on tap, reserve your seat, camp out, call in sick, do whatever you must because once once finished it will not be available – ever! 

Offerings on December 3rd, 2015.  

Those in red are their brews, in black are the guest beers. 

Now the dilemma! I went with a 4 beer sampler and Kathy had a pint of the St. Arnold’s Christmas Ale.  Perfect in all ways for her! 

Me, I did a sampler composed of the Simcoe Rye IPA ….. Wow, very nice! The second choice was the DL Wet Hop Double IPA…. I handed the keys to Kathy after that one. Then I went lightweight and had the “AnotherSESH” a session IPA that was very pleasant. Lastly, the Baltic Porter. The gal behind the bar also poured a pint of the porter by mistake for another customer and rather than toss it out, offered it to me at no cost. After much thought and debate, internal debate, I gave in and accepted! 

Lastly,  a pint the Post Oak Pale Ale. My hat is off to Dave Ohmer, Head Brewer – he makes great beers!!!!!! 

I helped Kathy navigate the Houston freeways home and only messed up once with my navigation. She has forgiven me! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



Promises, Promises, Promises

I have been accumulating many ideas, brewery tastings and other “thoughts” since my last post. I promise to be more regular- not a Metamucil thing, but to pound the keys one finger at a time and share my humble beer adventures. 

Today I am sampling a new beer for me! I am pretty impressed. Angel City IPA. Good up front bitterness but a little low on my love of the late addition hops for aroma. I drank two to make sure! LAX at Corona across from gate 86 – waiting to fly off to San Francisco.  

I also promise to post tastings if 4 or 5 recent breweries – Whole Foods in Houston on Post Oak will be a special post- I promised Dave Ohmer that I would. Great head brewer and he is very creative. The Belgian with smoked pears, smoked right there in the store, was superb. 

The City of Angels has “done good”!

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly!