It is Father’s Day!

It was Father’s Day….,about a week ago. This past week was a whirlwind working trip in California. two days in Bakersfield, two days in Oxnard/Santa Paula and a short night in LA at the airport.

In Bakersfield I arrived early and had some time to kill. Normally I can find family, both blood and in-laws but not this trip. I always try to find time to get to the Lengthwise Pub out on Calloway in the Rosedale area. Besides making great beers they always have an excellent assortment of guest beers on tap. I opted for a nearby local beer, General Sherman, from the Tioga-Sequoia brewery in Fresno. Fresno is known for???????hmmmmm??? raisins maybe but not beer. Oh yes, the Fresno State Bulldogs!!!!!

The General Sherman is a great IPA and a monster of a tree! I included a photo of the brewery coaster in the post below…,reminds me of the forest service patches!


I tried the “Indica” IPA by Lost Coast, good but the General Sherman was much, much better – just my opinion!

It is a – “small world after all”….. the young man sitting next to me was Kirk- not Curt, but Kirk. He is a Kern County fireman and knows, loves and consumes good beers! As we chatted I mentioned my Houston home and previous home in Bakersfield. He asks if I worked for Chevron and yes I did! Turns out his Father-in-law is one if my former co-workers! Too funny. Ok, put yourself on the Disney ride because I know the song is looping in your head.

Later in my trip I got to spend an evening with my daughter, son in-law, grand kids and great grand son! It doesn’t get much better than that! My great grandson is amazing! I could nibble on his cheeks all evening! My son in-law is a keeper, he had a six-pack of Stone IPA in the fridge for me!!!! It was a perfect evening.

Then off to LAX the next day and dinner in between at the Chart House near Malibu. While waiting in line for our car the valet pulled up with a sleek car with an amazing throaty exhaust sound, obviously many well coordinated cylinders ready to press the occupants back into the seat!!!!! A Maserati, yes, a sweet Maserati. The valet blipped the throttle for his enjoyment and yes, for mine too! I sent him after my rental car and reminded him to behave. We had a good laugh as we got into our Chevy Impala! Parked near us on the way out was something labeled “Bentley”, looked pricey but I am sure it doesn’t sound like a Maserati let alone a Chevy Impala.

Good week in California. Now, what next?

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly!