What to do While in Williston, North Dakota? 

Drafted in mid June and delayed in posting.

I have figured it out! I will drive across the border to Sidney, Montana! There is a very good reason to leave the state and drive across the border. I am in Williston, North Dakota for a week. The Williston Brewing Company does not brew any beer despite the name. The plus side is they have the best selection of draft beers in a hundred mile radius. That said….I like to visit breweries if you haven’t figured that out yet.

I usually ask for local beers when I travel and up until recently the “localest” local beer was from Fargo, ND. Fargo is a 6 hour drive! Meadowlark Brewing across the State line is less than an hour’s drive and you can arrive before you left Williston! Funny how those time zone lines work.

Badlands IPA from Meadowlark is pretty darned good.

It pairs nicely with Famous Dave’s ribs, garlic mashed and grilled pineapple spears. The corn bread muffin was the only item would have been better with a nice lager.

Good to the last bit of lace on the glass.

Now, lets cross state lines!

Meadowlark Sampler.

Badlands IPA – Pleasant and good upfront bitterness with a subtle pine aroma.

Harvester – a Cream Ale, nice and easy to drink and would fit my wife’s palate.

Paramour – a fruity stout, cherries, chocolate and a little coffee.

Blake Steer Tookus, an Oatmeal Stout that is very tasty.

Ole Gus, and very, very good Scottish Ale. Malty but not overwhelming, very smooth finish. I like it!

Teddy Roosevelt Wheat IPA –  Bully good as Teddy would have said. Good but I have found one better – the Wheat IPA ay B-52 Brewery in Conroe Texas.

The beers are decent but the food….. Not so good!  I  ordered the 10 ounce rib eye steak and was served a 14+ ounce New York cut steak. Huge difference. The waitress had no clue but the cook told her to tell me it was the “eye of the rib eye”, BULL! There was a hint of rib eye marbling! I never send food back, chewed 7/8 of that tough steak and left an appropriate comment on Yelp.

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


Ahhhhh – Sunday in Williston

I do spend a lot of time in North Dakota. I have bills to pay, beers to drink and an almost twenty year old still attending college. Don’t get me wrong, I work because I want to and the work I do is very satisfying! 

The only problem with work other than the obvious, missing my partner and wife, is that it gets in the way of my hobbies, Home brewing is one of several at the top of my list. Beekeeping is relatively new but It gives me a buzz! Ok bad joke! Organic gardening, wood turning, less fishing than it should be and my bicycle is craving more miles. 

I am enjoying a Hopslam IPA as I ponder these important matters. Wow, Bell’s Brewery has put out a really great beer. This is one of the top 10% of my top 117 beers! Don’t ask me to list them, just trust me – the check is in the mail, etc – etc! 

Probably less beer drinking this trip and more time in the gym. My annual physical is in late April. The doctor got on me about my winter coat last year and I wore it all summer and may have added to it this winter. There is a slight temptation to switch to Coors Light! Nah- moderation Bishop, moderation! 

Williston does have a great workout facility so, unpack bags and get my sorry butt in gear. 

A few of my drinking buddies from my January trip – not real sociable but -5 degrees F  is no problem for them. Taken at Teddy Roosevelt National Park on February 1 with my Nikon D600 and my Nikon 80-200 2.8 lens. 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly