Dick’s Danger Ale Has Now Been Captured – In Bottles

Bottle and Sample

I finally made time to rescue Dick’s Danger ale from what seemed like an eternity in the secondary fermenter. The recipe suggested a week and I went well over two weeks before the liberation forces arrived. Now I have to wait two more weeks while it conditions and carbonates in the bottles. I used one BIG bottle and 26 individual sized bottles. My big bottle is the 6 L size ….. the Tap-a-Draft mini-keg size. Patience my dear!!!! I checked the 6 L bottle today and it is getting very firm….an indication of carbonation! Just 13 more days!

The sample I grabbed during the bottling process was excellent! I was drinking it out of the cylinder used to check the gravity but it was just too good to treat it like a mere sample. I broke out one of the chalice style beer glasses to better savor the beer. Wow…. so smooth on the tongue and a bit af a malty taste with a hint of coffee. Not very hoppy, and I didn’t expect it to be but overall  very pleasant.

An update on the Amarillo Ale . Slow to mature and the citrus flavor from the Amarillo hops is dominant. I am hoping that it will mellow as it continues to mature. Kinda like me – huh….. mellowing as I mature. It is drinkable now but not what I expected. The Belgian Wit in the minikeg is ok but I think the bitter orange rind is over the top…. it is one you like or don’t, not much middle ground.

Maybe I should pour a cold one and contemplate my navel!

Take an Ale to lunch today – it will make you feel so much better!



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