Nephew Sean’s American IPA

Sean with my daughters Ashleigh and Lisa

My nephew Sean, see above, has complimented me (really flattered me and it is working) on my blog and he has recently asked for an IPA recipe …. India Pale Ale….a much hoppier beer than a run of the mill ale. I poked around on the internet and found a recipe for him to brew on “Brew Monkey”….. good place to go if you want to step away from the ordinary. Now Sean is real new to brewing and his dad has done a few extract only beers.  So, Sean……taaaaaaaaaake your time on this one as it is a partial grain recipe and partner up with Dad. You will be using 1 lb. of a specialty grain steeped for 30 minutes in a gallon of water – keep the temperature above 150 deg. F and below 170 deg. F.

So, Sean, here are the basics. “Bums IPA” – close to Dogfish IPA in taste and color.

1 lb. – Briess Caramel 10L crushed crystal maltsteeped in one gallon of water (use a nylon bag or muslin bag for grains.) after steeping add the water to 1 gallon of water and boil for 1 hour. This is a two gallon boil recipe but will be brought up to 5 gallons.

4 lbs Extra Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)

4 lbs Light liquid malt extract/syrup

1 0z. German Northern Brewer pellets added 15 minutes into the boil

0.5 oz. Cascade hops added 30 minutes into boil

0.5 oz. Cascade hops added 45 minutes into boil

1 oz. of leaf Cascade hops added dry into the secondary when transferring from primary to secondary – hold in secondary for 14 days (ok to use pellets if you have to but need to be careful when bottling.)

1/2 tsp. Irish Moss at 50 minutes into boil. Helps clarify the beer.

Chill , pour into primary fermenter leaving as much trub behind as possible then bring volume up to 5 gallons by adding preboiled water. – 3+ gallons

Pitch 1 package of American Ale yeast – Wyeast #1056 when wort has been cooled to 70 deg. F

Ferment 7 days at 70 deg F and transfer to glass carboy for an additional 14 days

Add to 3/4 cup corn sugar to beer and bottle condition at 70 deg – age 28 days…be patient Seany boy…. it will be worth the wait.

Store at 55 deg F if you can.

Last and certainly not least…. Uncle Bishop needs to taste and provide feedback on your brewing skills….. it may take 3 or 4 bottles to give you a fair assessment…… ;- )

Uncle Bishop


Northern Brewer –

Midwest Supplies –

Williams Brewing –

Australian Brewing Corporation –

Defalcos – Houston

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