Beer Advice – Patience, Just Patience!

Serrano Pepper Jelly is Ready--- My Beer Isn't

On the 25th of November the kitchen saw double duty – I bottled my Dick’s Danger Ale clone and made a batch of Serrano Pepper jelly….. all of the peppers from my backyard “farm”. The jelly is so good right now……. but unfortunately I have to wait and wait.  It has been a long two weeks and I know I should have waited but…… I just had to check on it.

I had a batch of a Double Belgian Wit in my primary fermenter and it was time to transfer it over to my secondary. It is a well-known fact that to ensure a good beer, each step in the process requires a good beer in hand. I popped the top on my – what I should have known, immature beer. No, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad bit I now know that I need to be a little more patient and let this beer age a little more.

I did sample the Double Belgian and I am excited about it too! Be patient Bishop – another 15 days in the secondary and at least three weeks aging after bottling…. Let me look at the calendar -hmmmmm –  can I wait until next year before I can sample it? I will have to ……. I may even wait until Super Bowl Sunday and then bust it out……well maybe a taste test to ensure its quality is up to my standards.  I have been known to have a broad range of acceptable standards when it comes to beers. basic requirements are; 1. It must be cold and that is somewhat negotiable, 2. It must taste good and I like a lot of different flavors so again it is broad range, and 3. It must make you smile….. non-negotiable!

What’s next – I saw a good-looking for a Cream Ale – an easy drinking beer that should make my bride happy. I have a few weeks off so I will look into to it soon…. Now I need to check in with my nephew to see how his batch is coming along. And remember Sean…… be patient, use your uncle as an example…sometimes a not so goood one!





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