Cooking with Beer

Several ways to do this……

1. Allow the beer to work it’s magic from the inside out…. – grab a nice microbrew, sit back and savor the the taste, enjoy the heady aroma of malt and hops and let the magic of the alcohol stir your creative juices.

2. Once inspired, grab another beer, in this case it was an Amarillo Ale I brewed with a distinct citrus flavor – use it to marinate the chunks of New York Strip steak and chicken thighs cubed for shish-kabobs. Soak the meat overnight along with your favorite grilling seasonings..

3. Fire up the grill, load the skewers, flexible SS cable skewers given to me by my daughter, meat, bell peppers – yellow and orange, onion, cherry tomatoes and due to CRS I forgot the chunk pineapple purchased for the masterpiece.

4. Pull a pint form my min-ikeg…..the Dirty Honey Blonde Ale I recently brewed……then a Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA – a nice beer to try if you are not sure about IPA’s….they can be more bitter, i.e. hoppy. This one is pretty mild and has a nice hop/floral aroma. The website claims IUB’s at 60 but it doesn’t hit my taste buds as anywhere near that hoppy.

5. Enjoy the grilled flavors, aromas and beer!




One comment on “Cooking with Beer

  1. Ash says:

    Yum! Sounds delicious!!!

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