Billings Montana – Beer: Part 3 of 3

The third part of my visit to Billings was at Carter’s Brewing Company. The beer selections were outstanding. What I found even more interesting was the young woman who was pulling beers. Lift your thoughts to a little higher level guys….she was one of the most knowledgeable beer servers that I have ever encountered. I sat patiently at the bar waiting my turn to order as she educated a handful of college age girls on the hops, the malt and variations that differentiate the beer offerings. She did it in a way that engages you in dialog….not just being told about the beer.

The offerings were displayed on a big colorful chalkboard behind the bar…….the standards and those on rotation. Michael Ulrich, owner and head brewer is a creative and energetic brewer. I never really got to sit and really enjoy a pint here. When Christie the barmaid worked her way through the education and sampling process for the many offerings I was truly confused….but that was OK with her. She soon found out that I brew my own and that I am an IPA fan and that was all she needed….she put a splash of this one and that one in small glasses and based on my responses she would pull another one for me. I was overwhelmed with both the variety and the quality of the beers. Now, there were a few that were not my cup of tea….but that does not mean that they weren’t good beers, just different.

The taproom per Montana law shuts down at 8:00PM – you still have till 9:00 PM to vacate the bar. I spent a big chunk of time picking her brain on the various beers, hops and flavors….I walked out very impressed with Carter’s, Angry Hanks, Montana Brewing Company and the energy these folks pour into their craft. I must go back with no work planned….visit the breweries, try the fishing, maybe even the rafting….Chrisites and her husband raft using oar boats and see the countryside.

Cody and Cris did show up and they bought me a pint at the bar next door after Carter’s closed up, it was good and it was cold but I didn’t write down the choice. I have been using the notes feature on my iPhone to keep my tastings in order but I got lost in conversation and did not want to be rude writing rather than listening. I promise to do better on my next visit.

Check the link out below to Carter’s…… now if that ain’t a good ole boy, then I don’t drink beer! TTFN – Bishop

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