Into the New Year

Looking back over the past year has been interesting. From my beer blogging efforts I posted 57 blog entries in 2012 – this one makes 58. That is about one per week. I will attempt to be more consistent – I had a few hiatus periods – not those gaps in the geologic record but gaps in my efforts. In 2012 there were approximately 2000 views of the postings. My goal for 2013 is to exceed 10,000 views! Lofty goal but with the help of readers that like what I  do and contacting other like-minded readers I think it may be possible! I added 115 pictures over the course of the year and with my love of photography I aim to do more as well as improve the quality of my offerings.

So why brew…..

  • It is a creative outlet that dovetails into my love of good beer
  • Satisfaction – both personal as well as the common compliment – “You really made that beer!” – don’t you just love that?
  • Get to spend time chatting up other brewers to expand my knowledge and horizons
  • Experimentation ! New hops, new techniques, new recipes, new friends and new satisfactions
  • Being my kind of environmentalist…..I am recycling beer bottles, sending the spent grains back to mother earth via my compost pile and no packaging sent to the landfills. Now I will admit to adding to the CO2 load on the atmosphere – the fermentation process produces both the much desired alcohol as well as CO2.
  • I don’t pay taxes on my beverages – I save about 20 cent per gallon of beer, that’s a whole dollar for a standard 5 gallon batch. Maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud – the Federal Government might see this as an opportunity or revenue stream!
  • I have fun brewing…..usually sampling one of my brews or a craft brew by someone else!
  • Apocalypse contingency planning – I picked that one up from someone else…I can’t take credit for that idea but I can certainly subscribe to it.
  • The knowledge gained by brewing can become a great conversation starter in brew pubs, taprooms, microbreweries and some of the finer libation locations with both the staff and others of like mind
  • Maintains the links with antiquity – perpetuating historical and primitive urges to please both the brain and the palate.
  • For my health – in moderation it is good for me and secondly additive free – no preservatives and other gobbledygook that shows up on labels….if you read them!
  • Ah…..The Pride Factor

Can’t wait for this batch a mature a little more – seems that I have heard some similar words from my wife referring to some of my behaviors! I think my behaviors sometimes cause her lament as seen in the background to the right in the photo!

5 gallons of my Imperial Stout, boubon infused and toasted oak resting on the bottom. Note the bourbon in the airlock!

5 gallons of my Imperial Stout, bourbon infused and toasted oak resting on the bottom. Note the bourbon in the airlock!

Drink local, patronize the craft brewers and drink responsibly




One comment on “Into the New Year

  1. Loved this blog!!! It is like your are here with me talking to me. You are truly one of the BEST.xoxoxoxoxoox MOM

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