Imperial Stout Bread

I ripped off a recipe from the magazine “Beer” – I love that title. The original recipe was made with an oatmeal stout called Velvet Merlin from the Firestone Walker Brewery in Paso Robles California. I really like beers from Firestone Walker – they will be distributed in Texas some time this year. Texans are in for a treat. Issue 27 of Beer magazine, page 60+

So, I love to make bread and utilized a bottle of my home-brewed Imperial Stout, not mature enough to drink yet but it made some very good bread. The bread making process was an entirely by hand process – the only thing resembling a machine was the oven! It called for a nice home-brew from one of my neighbors to aid in the process. here is the link to the recipe on my other posting location.

My Imperial Stout bread!

My Imperial Stout bread!




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