Goose Island Rambler IPA

Yum…. This seasonal offering by Goose Island is pretty durn good. I was In Chicago this August and was just a month too early! I would have called the color – Copper but the brewery’s website calls it – Auburn – that color is so yummy especially when it comes with a nice body mouth feel. Careful there big boy, someone may get the wrong impression. Those really are good descriptions of a beer!

Not real bitter but the aroma of the Magnum and Amarillo hopes comes through nicely, nose and in the mouth. It is a nice IPA and the spicy notes making it a good Fall offering. I am in Williston ND sampling the beer and they have already had a freeze. This week in Williston is experiencing very pleasant Fall like weather( for Houston) Low 50’s F in the morning and high 70’s for the high.

Isn’t she a nice Auburn color?

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


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