End of Houston’s Big Brew Weekend

We, my wife and I, poured beer Friday night in the Texas Brewers portion of the event. Friday was college football and all good things associated.

Today is Sunday and the day started off by cheering my daughter on in her second half Marathon and fittingly ended in front of the Karbach beer stand! They were out of beer but my wife planned ahead and we had frozen strawberries and several beers on ice for my daughter and her running mate.

This evening is now spent with some NFL football, grilling a pork loin and sipping on my homebrewed Belgian Wit. Life is pretty darned good I’d say!

An evening cool enough in Houston that has me in my insulated flip flops and no mosquitoes! Note pumpkin theme behind the glass.

Daughter and her running mate photo bombed by the Karbach crew.


Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


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