Big Brew Houston

My wife and I worked the Austin Beerworks booth for the Friday night session. What a hoot. Beer lovers are the very best kind of people to hang out with. Far less pretentious than some other kinds of events! Nuff said!

I was proud of how well my wife picked up the lingo and actually became a great salesperson for the brewery. She loved the Pearlsnap, a German style Pils and their Peace Maker, a light easy to drink session ale. The Peacemaker is also available in their famous “99” pack on rare occasions! Their Black Thunder is a nice malty German Schwarz beer! The brewery has a small distribution area but has a fan base that craves their beer. Count me amongst them! Their Fire Eagle, a strong American Pale Ale, took 2nd place at this year’s GABF! I understand why!

Their seasonal IPA, Heavy Machinery, was probably the best beer I sampled all night! Yes, we were able to cruise around and sample some great Texas beers.

The craft beer world is amazing! We had visits from other Brewers at the show and the respect they have for competitors is truly amazing. They all show respect and admiration for other practitioners of the craft!

Drink Local & Drink Responsibly


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