It is a Difficult Job Being Me

A beer on the beach yesterday and now I have to sit at a little corner table in the Santa Barbara Brewing Co. My poor lot in life! I am enjoying their IPA while watching a wide slice of life drifting by the window! Beautiful day here in SB.

The brewer, Rick, generously shared the recipe for the IPA. My challenge is to scale back the 1200 lbs. of two row to brew in my 10 gallon mash tun. I have a PDF of the brewer recipe and the Brewers hand written notes in the margin. Sorry, just private for me! 

There is Rick just finishing up…clean up duties are so important. He is a former home brewer gone pro over twenty years back! Ah, dream big Bishop! I don’t think 64 is too old to branch out, do you agree? 

I’ll be back! 10 points for the first person to comment on that famous movie line! I need to add to my list of beers! What next, hmmmmmm, scratching chin and pondering! 

Ok scratch off the India Pale Ale, next the Double IPA. The proir was nicely bitter with great aroma- I’ll give part of the recipe away, Cascade hops! The Double is less bitter but I like how the malt comes through! Oh gosh, I yearn to become a professional beer drinker. Lord knows that I have had practice – albeit some of the prior experience was a lot less structured! 

Drink Local and Drink Redponsibly


If you follow my blog and enjoy my sometimes incoherent ramblings, invite a few friends to follow! Maybe I can become semi-professional at something beer related! 


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