Hollister Brewing Company

My middle name is Bishop and for nearly 64 years that has been my moniker. That said, my first choice with my Red Curry Fish Stew was “The Pope IPA” . The menu calls it a full bodied West Coast IPA. It was pleasant,  but well short of being on my favorites list. 

I will try the HBC Cask Conditioned Ale with the stew!

 Ah, much nicer! The cask conditioned ale is their Wheelhouse Stout, a bit heavy as a  pairing for the stew but what the Hell, I like it and that is all that matters! The beer was damn near perfect- just a whisker below room temperature with a perfect, frothy and persistent head! Bite your tongue Bishop and “silencio por favor”!

Beer number three will be elsewhere. Maybe Stearn’s Wharf! The Figuera Brewery is walking distance. 

My beautiful beer drinking companion on this trip sampled the “Coastal Common” and wished she would have ordered the “Beachside Blonde”- it was one if those I told you so moments but, again I bit my tongue. It was a bit bit like an Anchor Steam – good,  but not in her wheelhouse. My thoughts as I drank a third of it was yummy, but not in my top 100! 

The Red Curry Stew did go well with the heavy Wheelhouse Cask  Aged Stout. It helped that I ate part of my wife’s burger with it! Her comment, “Well, we probably won’t come back here!”. Yes Dear! 

Drink Local, Be Selective and Drink Respobsibly! 



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