Three in One Day

Gotta love California for a thing or two or three. Yesterday my bride and I drove from Bakersfield to Santa Barbara. It is my birthday weekend and she is intent on spoiling me…..I am always pretty spoiled by her, but this is extra special. 

I loaded up my camera bag and lenses and let her drive the windy route through Maricopa and over the mountains into Ojai. The sky was ugly and hazy and the wild flowers have not yet hit stride. Dang! I could rubber neck and not incurr her wrath!!!! She prefers to drive the windy roads – it solves her motion sickness issues. 

Ojai – Ojai Valley Brewery was first up. Nice selection of beers and we also found a great “small plate”, Buffalo Fried Cauliflower. It will be added to our recipe box. 

Kathy enjoyed the White Pixie and the Ephemera was my favorite of those I sampled. Very slow lazy service for a Friday afternoon but we were not in a hurry, “chill out dude” and enjoy the chauffeured drive. 

Carpentaria – Rincon Brewery, substantial food and good beer. We dropped our bags off at the condo and grabbed a seat outdoors on the street to watch life drift by. I went with a sampler and the Tri-tip sandwich. Kathy had her go to Blonde ale and the Cobb Salad. Fun place, good food(I love the lamb burger slider- next time!) and quality beers. 

We then wandered down the street to Brew lab….it is a small place, they brew in small batches and never repeat! I sent them some money last year for their crowd funded expansion. They fell short but I still got a shirt and a free beer. Last night a talented young musician entertained the crowd. Interesting art work on the walls and I nice crowd. 

I had the Yellow Belly Ale and Kathy was in the role of designated driver, thank you Hun! 

Where shall I drink beer today? Such hard choices and so many options…..gotta love being and old guy, semi-retired and my “Goo” friend John back home feeding my bees…..thank you John! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly


Hollister Brewing Company

My middle name is Bishop and for nearly 64 years that has been my moniker. That said, my first choice with my Red Curry Fish Stew was “The Pope IPA” . The menu calls it a full bodied West Coast IPA. It was pleasant,  but well short of being on my favorites list. 

I will try the HBC Cask Conditioned Ale with the stew!

 Ah, much nicer! The cask conditioned ale is their Wheelhouse Stout, a bit heavy as a  pairing for the stew but what the Hell, I like it and that is all that matters! The beer was damn near perfect- just a whisker below room temperature with a perfect, frothy and persistent head! Bite your tongue Bishop and “silencio por favor”!

Beer number three will be elsewhere. Maybe Stearn’s Wharf! The Figuera Brewery is walking distance. 

My beautiful beer drinking companion on this trip sampled the “Coastal Common” and wished she would have ordered the “Beachside Blonde”- it was one if those I told you so moments but, again I bit my tongue. It was a bit bit like an Anchor Steam – good,  but not in her wheelhouse. My thoughts as I drank a third of it was yummy, but not in my top 100! 

The Red Curry Stew did go well with the heavy Wheelhouse Cask  Aged Stout. It helped that I ate part of my wife’s burger with it! Her comment, “Well, we probably won’t come back here!”. Yes Dear! 

Drink Local, Be Selective and Drink Respobsibly!