Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company

I think this is the last stop for the evening. Good choice in both the company and the beers. We both had samplers and she chose the 101 and I chose the Lizard’s Mouth IPA! 

I also want to thank my sister Denise for sending me down to the funk zone off State Street near the beach. Too much fun! Great beers and a great fun crowd! And- very dog friendly! 

I have to pat Laci, our waitress on the back for being patient and putting up with an old guy asking all kinds of questions! 

We will be back, sorry Hollister Brewing, you are not anywhere near the top of our list. 

My wife and her flight. The 101, a Pilsner a wheat and the Red. Me, I was a little more organized. 

Yes I know the photo is upside down! Get over it! Suffice to say – the Lizard Mouth was my favorite! So, I ordered another pint before asking  my driver to take me to Island Brewing in Carpenteria. 


Good pizza – the Milpas! 


My favorite yummy is yet to materialize. 

My wfe had the Avocado Honey wheat and I was boing and had the Isaland IPA! Sorry – it works for me! 

Drink Local and Drink Responsibly



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