Goose Island Beers

I am off to a higher caliber social setting than I am accustomed too here in Chicago. Last nights’s rehearsal dinner was at the Chicago Yacht Club serving cold but simply fizzy yellow water bees. I had an MGD and decided that I had lowered my standard enough.

The reception tonight is promised to have a suite of Goose a Island offerings. I will be wearing a black tie early in the evening….My enthusiasm is a bit tempered as Anheuser-Busch owns 58% of the Goose Island brand. I do like some of their beers but ….. they no longer fit my vision of “Craft Brewers”. Some of their beers are brewed under contract arrangements. That said – I do like their Goose Island IPA, the Matilda Belgian Style is pleasant, I hear that the Bourbon County Stout Imperial Stout is amazing, second only to the Firestone Walker Parabola barrel aged imperial stout. United Airlines is now serving the 312 Urban Wheat Ale- nice easy drinking beer and the Green Line Pale Ale is available everywhere here in Chicago and is not too bad!

Post wedding I will grade the host’s selection. I will be nice as the price is perfect, i.e., open bar, free beer, por nada amigos, kostet nichts- just free, Willy or was that “Free Willy”, what ever.

Drink Responsibly and Drink as Local as Possible!



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