Paso Robles – Barrelhouse Brewing Co.

Just a solo visit, my bride couldn’t make the trip. Nice warm day in Paso, about 100 degrees but dry and a nice breeze. Besides having some very nice beers they have a “lovely” grounds area. When I say lovely, I mean it in the Australian sense! The British application of the word fits! Using “British” may irritate some of my Australian friends, but, they have accused me of being an Anglophile! The first time I heard the Australian us of “lovely” was from a well dressed bloke in Sydney describing a nearby Steakhouse!

“Cute is certainly one of the possible subsets of meanings of lovely in Britain, from my time there. But it’s sometimes used to mean “acceptable”, (f.ex. lovely weather) “friendly” or “considerate”, (f.ex. she’s a lovely girl) and “appealing”, (f.ex. he looks lovely today) too.”

So let’s say the grounds are appealing and more than just acceptable, though my wife might say “cute”.
I really like the garden chairs, the picnic tables, the fountain and today- the old flat bed truck converted to a stage. Yes, live music, live music California style, i.e., the rhythm guitar player in a tank top, shorts and barefoot!

I drank light today, I had the Templeton Session Ale and the Brass Monkey. The Brass Monkey is a great hot wester summer beer. Great refreshing flavors. A smooth, honey, citrus ale! It is just a seasonal offering. Below are some iPhone scene captures,
The Session Ale looking in though the outside counter top

A look across the grounds.


The waterfall and little pond


Drink Local and Drink Responsibly

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